THIS was the moment past and present PSP Southampton Boat Shows came together.

This striking photograph captures the smallest and biggest boats on show at this year’s spectacular aligned together in the Solent.

The Mirror 32 dinghy boat is the oldest and smallest vessel on show at the event and is shown here next to a multi-million-pound Sunseeker – the largest boat on show.

Peter Barnes, who owns the dinghy, put hundreds of hours of effort into restoring the boat to its former glory.

He said: “We are here to raise awareness of local sailing ships. I had to restore it to what it is today as it was stored away for 25 years by its previous owner.

“There are 70,000 of them and this is boat number 32 – it’s a very early model from 1963.”

Michael Esher, from National Boat Shows, said: “The boat show recognises the value of the Mirror. “It means so much to so many who took up sailing as a child. Because it is such an early piece, we wanted to put it in our small boat area this year.”