A HAMPSHIRE-wide campaign has been launched targeting binge-drinking and how it can end in rape or violence.

The film, radio and poster campaign, run by the Hampshire Drug Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) will promote a safer drinking message to young people aged between 13 and 20 by showing how binge drinking makes them more vulnerable.

It will also raise awareness of the consequences of committing a crime after drinking too much.

It comes as the Daily Echo's Keep Kids Sober campaign is urging adults and parents - as the main source of alcohol for younger children - to take a more active and responsible role in teaching youngsters about the consequences of alcohol and to think before supplying them with drink.

According to statistics from the DAAT alcohol misuse is involved in around 39 per cent of rape or attempted rape cases in Hampshire. Latest statistics suggest that date rape drugs are involved in a less than two per cent and that excessive alcohol consumption is the real danger - to both men and women.

A short DVD film called Did Sophie Consent? has been produced by New Forest District Council, directed and acted by students at Totton College.

It shows how a boozy house party can end in rape and raises questions over alcohol and consent.

Director Mim Rideout, 17, said: "We watched films like this at school but it looked like they were made 50 years ago. By making a more up-to-date and realistic film hopefully people will take note."

The sixth-form drama students in the film said drinking had become widespread among the young, with many going out simply to "get drunk and pass out".

The DVD and 20,000 posters will be sent to the Youth Service, Colleges, pubs and clubs, young persons services and Connexions.

The tag line to the campaign is: "Too much drink can lead to rape or sexual assault. Don't let alcohol ruin your life."

Mike Webb, from the DAAT, said he hoped to see a 15 per cent reduction in alcohol-related rape cases from the campaign.

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