HUNDREDS of pumpkins have been stolen from a farm in the New Forest.

Thieves have struck twice at the Cat and Fiddle Farm in Hinton Admiral, leaving the farm manager “close to despair” with Hallowe’en just five weeks away.

The well-known farm was first targeted ten days ago when burglars, thought to be using a trailer, broke in and helped themselves to about 200 pumpkins worth £1,000.

Seven days later thieves visited again and took a further 50 pumpkins, leaving the fields littered with just roots and a handful that they left behind.

Daily Echo:

Robert Cox, 30, farm manager, said: “This is the second time we have been targeted and people seem to be coming and going as they please.

“We have a large fence but the thieves seem to be jumping over and smashing the pumpkins. They then take large quantities away with them.

“It’s very frustrating because we had a healthy crop this year, but I don’t think there seems to be a lot we can do.”

The Cat and Fiddle Farm has also been targeted by vandals in recent weeks.

Robert said: “The shop has been broken into several times, but there has been no serious damage. It is mainly people throwing things around the shop and trying to break into the containers.”

A police spokesperson said: “An investigation is ongoing and we assume a lorry or trailer must have been used because it would be difficult to transport so many pumpkins.”

The thefts were reported to police on Sunday morning.

Police are appealing for witnesses and anyone with information to contact Romsey police on 101.