WHEN most people feel strongly about a public issue they discuss it with friends or perhaps even write to their MP.

Not Andy Martin. The professional musician has written a protest song on his ukulele.

He is angry about Winchester City Council proposals that could see a big chunk of River Park disappear under a new sports centre.

A campaign has sprung up called Save the Rec and Andy has written a catchy song Jumpers for Goalposts that he has recorded and will be issuing imminently as a free download.

He said: “I was in the Hyde Tavern and we were talking about saving the rec and how important it was. Someone said there ought to be a song.

“I was later reading an article about it and thought this is good material and just picked up the ukulele and started writing. It came quite quickly.

“It’s an opportunity to write a protest song which I have never done before.

“This is a really important issue. My background is in architecture and urban design so I know the importance of green lungs.

“Mrs Thatcher sold off the school playing fields and we now have a country where the kids are obese and don’t play sport. This is exacerbating that.”

Jumpers for Goalposts has been recorded at Jamspace in Winnall with a choir of schoolkids and is due to be released this week.

Andy is a founder member of Winchester Uke Jam and teaches the ukulele at the Hyde Tavern and The Globe in Alresford. He also performs in care homes a show called Musical Memories and hopes to expand his Give a Gig to Granny to spread the word to other homes. He can be contacted on 07771 510823.

Meanwhile the public exhibition on the options for new sports facilities opened on Monday at River Park Leisure Centre and the Tourist Information Office.

Deputy city council leader Rob Humby said only a small part of the rec was earmarked for development. “We all want to save the space but we have responsibility about providing sport for all and a better leisure centre.”

Save the Rec will hold a public meeting on Monday at Winchester Rugby Club at 8pm to discuss their campaign.