A MAN was arrested after a fracas at a Russell Brand gig in Southampton last night.

Audience members watched on as a man leapt up on stage during support act Mr Gee's set, attempting to take the microphone before jumping off and walking back into the crowd.

He was detained by security outside the auditorium but he later broke free and attempted to get back in, injuring two women in the process, a 53-year-old from Southampton and a 23-year-old from Fareham.

Police were called at 7.45pm and arrested a 27-year-old man on suspicion of ABH and assault on a police officer.

A police spokesman said: “Security had the man outside the auditorium where he seemed calm but without warning he broke away and ran back into the main room, knocking over two women.

“He was arrested and resisted arrest, injuring an officer's hand. Both women were taken to Southampton General Hospital for their injuries to be assessed.”

“He admitted all three offences and he showed a great deal of remorse. There was no serious injury and it was clear from witness statements it was unintentional. He has no previous record so the decision was taken to give him a caution on all three offences.”

The spokesman confirmed he was cautioned on all offences.

The incident occurred before Mr Brand came on stage and the performer did not mention it during his set.