Little Oliver Lush-Camps is the first baby to be born in Southampton using ground-breaking new IVF technology.

Weighing 7lb 4oz, Oliver is the ‘little miracle’ that arrived after his parents Katy and Jonathan decided to try to conceive with the help of the Wessex Fertility Clinic.

The Anglesea Road centre became one of the first five clinics in the world to receive a pioneering piece of equipment – the Early Embryo Viability Assessment test (Eeva) – and has now seen its first baby born with its use.

With the use of the £100,000 technology it is hoped it could boost the fertility rate at the centre from 40 per cent to 65 per cent.

For new mum Katy it has given her the result she has always wanted.

She said: “I always wanted to have children and never imagined there would be any problems getting pregnant.

“After we were told we wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally, we embarked on the IVF journey, which I now know is not an easy route!

“But now that our little Oliver is here with us, we are so thankful. Oliver is the cutest little boy ever (not that we are biased!) “He is a little pickle at times but on the whole is a good boy and very much loved. He really is our little miracle.”

Previously, clinicians would have to take embryos out of an incubator and look down a microscope at them to determine how they were dividing, giving them just one snapshot of time.

But Tony Price, embryology manager at Wessex Fertility said: “The Eeva system has allowed us to assess embryos from a new perspective and gather a lot more information which may be helpful in selecting the best quality embryos for transfer.

“The main advantage of this technology is that we are able to identify embryos which have an extremely low chance of advanced development, and these can be excluded from use in treatment.”

Infertility patients who want to know more about Eeva should contact Wessex Fertility on 023 8070 6000, or visit