IT is the political Christmas sign that has stirred up controversy in a Hampshire street.

Rather than putting up a traditional decoration this year, UKIP member Timothy “Dusty” Miller placed this alternative sign on his house in Sunday’s Hill, Hedge End.

The sign has offended some neighbours, who suggest it is racially motivated.
Even the police were called to Mr Miller’s house after a complaint was made.
They have confirmed that the sign can remain as no criminal offence has been committed.

Mr Miller, 64, remains defiant and revealed a new sign will be put on his house every month until the European elections in May.

He told the Daily Echo the sign is not racist but is an attack on the Government over its stance on immigration.

Mr Miller, who has been a taxi driver for 40 years, said: “On Remembrance Sunday, we are laying wreaths on the cenotaph to men who died defending the right for freedom of speech and democracy but we are no longer in control of that.

“We are now having to beg for anything for this country and its people and it’s now so desperate that we have to get the country back to start running it properly.

“I am not surprised it has received complaints because the police have been used many times for the wrong reason but I am more shocked that people have read into this that it’s totally down to immigration.

“It’s not about immigration – it’s about sheer numbers.

“We live in a harmonious society and we always have done, we still do at the moment, and I wish to preserve that. But very shortly it’s going to be impossible.

“That sign comes down at Christmas and another goes up with a message which is moving away from Christmas.

“The message has to get firmer and firmer until the European elections.”

A spokesman for Hampshire police said: “We are aware of the sign and that some people complained because they feel it may have racist connotations.

“We have spoken to the property owner who erected the sign, and he has told us the sign reflects a political view rather than a racial one, and as the wording of the sign is not in itself racist or offensive, no criminal offence has been committed.”