FERTILITY experts in Southampton are urging couples to take control of their fertility health in 2014.

In a bid to give couples the very best chance at becoming parents, the Complete Fertility Centre is offering ten per cent off fertility checks in January and February.

The check ups provide information to help couples optimise their fertility and make the best decisions on when to try for a family.

Professor Nick Macklon, medical director of Complete Fertility Centre, based at Princess Anne Hospital, said: “As more women now delay childbearing for career, social or economic reasons, many more couples are faced with a fertility crisis for one simple reason: they have left it late.

“Our fertility check up provides individuals and couples with information about their fertility status, the influencing factors and ways to improve their fertility so that they can make informed decisions about their fertility and when to start trying for a baby.”

To book an appointment call 023 8120 6980 and quote Fertcheck ten per cent.