BOMB disposal experts were called to a Southampton business today after a shell was found.

The Royal Navy team from Portsmouth rushed to the Cemex plant in Northam after the discovery of a bomb shell.

It is the second one found in that area this month.

The  12-inch bomb shell was found this morning by workers, and was taken away by the disposal team.

The site was not evacuated, while a Royal Navy spokesman said the inert bomb was not a danger to anyone at the site.

The Second World War shell was found by workers in sand and gravel that had been dredged by the firm.

A spokesman for Cemex said the discovery of shells was commonplace at the site.

A smaller shell was discovered by workers on January 7 after it was dredged up by crews.

A spokesman for Cemex said: "Finding a device is a regular occurrence and colleagues are trained to deal with such situations in an efficient and professional way."

A spokesman for the Royal Navy said: "The shell was taken away by the team, they didn't have to carry out an explosions and it did not post any danger."