HE is a man hundreds of people Down Under are desperate to speak to.

Richard Burbage was the co-director of a company started in Australia called We Buy Any Car.

The firm, which had an official title of Kar Land Pty Ltd and operated across the country, was based on obtaining vehicles from customers but not paying for them until then had been sold on.

But in 2012 Mr Burbage’s firm collapsed and according to the liquidator’s latest report the firm owes more than £6m.

Hundreds of consumers were unable to retrieve their cars they had given him to sell.

According to reports in the Australian press, the Lamborghini driving UK national suddenly left his home in Brisbane for the UK and has not been back to the country since.

Shortly after the New South Wales Government issued warnings about doing business with Mr Burbage’s firm after its Fair Trading department received floods of complaints about people waiting for their payments.

Mr Burbage has since been banned from being a director in Australia for ten years.

The liquidator report states how it was unable to find any reliable business information and accounts.

Mr Burbage did give evidence by video link at a hearing from the UK last year, as part of ongoing proceedings.

The liquidators’ report said Mr Burbage did not want to return to Australia because of threats he had received and because of what he described as “the media circus” surrounding him.

The report, dated in October last year states that “it is presently the liquidator’s intention to instruct solicitors to commence legal actions for insolvent trading” against Mr Burbage and another director.

As well as being connected with Woolston Car Supermarket, Mr Burbage can be linked with a company that previously occupied the same site called Hampshire Vehicle Sales.

Mr Burbage’s wife Lorraine, registered the website domain for Hampshire Vehicle Sales, in her name.

The graphics bear a striking resemble those used by Mr Burbage Australian company, of which Lorraine was a joint shareholder.

The company changed to Woolston Car Supermarket last November.

On April 15, Mr Burbage was caught by police using his mobile telephone while driving a Jaguar X-Type, on Marine Parade, Southampton.

He was convicted in his absence at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court on November 26, and banned from driving for six months from that date.