A MINI tornado struck a Hampshire hamlet bringing widespread destruction.

Three temporary farm buildings were lifted by the wind and carried 100 metres through the air at Wield, north of Alresford.

One outbuilding ended up wrapped round a power pole during the storm on Saturday.

Janet Sole, of Blackmoor Game Ltd at Wield Wood Farm, said: “It was an unbelievable sight.

“It happened on Saturday afternoon in a five-minute period. We are still without power or water.

“To give you an idea of size, these sheds weigh almost two tonnes each and three of them were lifted up in the tornado and carried more than 100 metres through the air.

“Two of the sheds are in debris on the adjoining field, but the third one ended up wrapped around our electricity pole, bringing it down over our drive.”

Several cars were trapped by the violent but brief storm.

Fire crews from Winchester were called to the A33 near Kings Worthy at 5.05pm after a car crashed into a fallen tree.

No-one was reported to have been seriously hurt.