HE IS a dad who knows exactly what they are going through.

Now Kevin Winchcombe, whose daughter was diagnosed with diabetes four years ago, is giving other worried parents and sufferers a helping hand by sharing his first-hand experience.

He is already writing an online blog as well as posting on Twitter and Facebook.

In addition the 44-year-old, of Eastleigh, is taking part in Diabetes UK’s Talk to Someone with Diabetes peer support project.

This involves a special phone line staffed by Diabetes UK volunteers, which anyone with diabetes or anyone who is a relative or carer of someone with the condition is able to call.

The volunteers do not offer medical advice but can talk about the practical and emotional aspects of living with diabetes on the telephone and by email.

Kevin’s daughter Amy, 14, was diagnosed four years ago with Type 1 diabetes, a condition that means people cannot produce insulin. No one knows exactly what causes it, but it’s not to do with being overweight and it isn’t currently preventable.

It usually affects children or young adults, starting suddenly and getting worse quickly.

Kevin said: “I get queries on a variety of subjects from questions on carbohydrate counting to advice on coping with the impact of diagnosis. But often it’s just that people want to talk to someone who can understand what they are going through and can offer ways to help or view their diabetes related concerns from a personal perspective.”

To contact Kevin directly visit the blog at circles-of-blue.winchcombe.org, email talktoKev@diabetes.org.uk or his Twitter page @oceantragic.

To find more about the support service log on to diabetes.org.uk/peer-support or call 0843 353 8600.