HAMPSHIRE communities are once again trying to deal with flood waters, with the threat of yet more problems to come hanging over them.

In Plaitford, a motorist had to be rescued from a ford which he had driven into, while in Cheriton residents were preparing for the worst as the River Itchen threatened to burst its banks.

In Twyford, villagers have launched Barrier Watch, houses at risk of flooding on Hazeley Road have suffered minimal damage from the river of water flooding down from the hills, managing to restrict the water to their gardens and cellars.

Residents closed the road on Sunday morning but with many motorists deciding to ignore the barriers and drive through anyway, the decision was taken to set up a rota of volunteers to man the barrier to ensure damage caused by bow waves was kept to a minimum.

So far more than 30 people have signed up to the rota, however, with the rain set to continue, more volunteers are needed.

The Environment Agency is currently aware of more than 50 properties being flooded across Hampshire and an additional 61 that are experiencing cellar flooding.

Romsey is suffering the worst, with 19 homes flooded, six of which are in Budds Lane, where the River Test breached its bank causing a torrent of water to flood Greatbridge Road, which was closed on Friday.

The agency is warning that there is an increased risk of more property flooding in Winchester and Romsey, followed by the subsequent further rise in groundwater levels, which ultimately means that homes will be at risk for some time to come.

As the county continues to feel the full force of the wettest January for more than 200 years, with a further month's average rain predicted for the next four days