A BUS firm has stopped services through a Hampshire housing estate after yobs pelted single-deckers with rocks.

One of the attacks shattered three windows on First number two service while several frightened passengers were on board as it drove along Redbridge Hill in Millbrook.

It was one of a string of attacks on number two services.

Daily Echo:

First has diverted the bus route away from Redbridge Hill until further notice for the safety of staff and passengers, and has reported the issue to police.

Now the service, which runs from Millbrook to Southampton city centre, will go via Romsey Road on to Wimpson Lane.

Last week’s attacks are not the first time that buses driving through Millbrook have been the target of mindless vandals.

In March last year, Blue Star suspended services in the area after youths pelted a single-decker with bricks and stones, shattering a window and terrifying the passengers on board.

Daily Echo:

It resulted in an emergency meeting between councillors, police and bus companies to stamp out the vandalism, to ensure services kept running through the area.

Chris Chester, business manager for First, said: “We are currently working with the police and Southampton City Council to identify the individuals involved in endangering passengers and staff safety.

“We would welcome information from anyone who either witnessed or knows anything about the incidents.”

Millbrook ward councillor Georgie Laming said: “I know we have had issues with other bus services being cancelled in the past because of this and I completely understand why First would do that, because the welfare of the drivers.

Daily Echo:

“We have worked together to resolve these problems before. This is the kind of thing that gets brought up in police and community together meetings and people need to keep reporting it to the police so they can deal with it.

Police are investigating the attacks, if anyone has any information they can call 101.