THROUGH the mists of time and overindulgence, it might be hard to recall some of the nights out you've had in Southampton. This list of 20 venues may just jog your memory.

The Beach Tucked away at the far end of Ocean Village, as the name suggests, The Beach was themed around, er, a beach.

The Nexus Southampton’s alternative club de rigeur. Tucked away along Back of the Walls, you’d pile in here, jump around a bit before sitting outside under the tarpaulin when you got too hot. The drinks were cheap and the music was loud.

Daily Echo:

Walkabout Such a mainstay throughout the 90s and 00s, it’s hard to think this has now closed. The windowless, Australian themed bar was formerly the Bank of England and was always popular for sport - leaving many people blinking into the daylight as they stumbled out during an afternoon World Cup match. In 2009 it rebranded to Wahoo! Before changing again to Elements in 2011. Has been closed for over a year.

Thursday’s Cheap champagne for your birthday – so every week was your birthday. When it closed, every pint was just 10p.

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Los Marinos Down on the waterfront at Ocean Village, it was the nearest Southampton ever really got to a waterfront venue. Managed to cling on to life while all else left Ocean Village, until Canute’s Pavillion was demolished.

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The Square Balloon Formerly a huge cinema on Above Bar, it was best known for the huge rotating screens above the bar and the array of expensive cocktails. If you weren’t wearing shoes, you weren’t getting in. Was later renamed Squares and remained as such until it closed a couple of years ago to become Provenance and is now Myth.

Top Rank For those of a certain age, this was a night out in Southampton. Roller discos, skating, a revolving dance floor – it had it all. Even Jimmy Tarbuck performed here.

Burbanks Over several floors and had a sports theme. Closed to become a strip club, which then became Junk and is now known as Tripp.

Daily Echo: McCluskeys, Southampton

McCluskey’s International/426 Had a nickname which you can’t really repeat in a family publication, but regardless was still loved by many. Was renamed as 426 before reverting back. Is currently in the process of being demolished to become houses and flats.

New York, New York Along with its next door neighbour, NY2 as it was later known, has now gone from the city, but will long be remembered. Tended to attract a slight older crowd than McCluskey’s and a long time ago, even Saints players.

Simon’s Wine Bar On Vernon’s Walk. It attracted an older and more ‘stylish’ crowd before it was replaced by the more youthful Orange Rooms. It lives on in Oxford Street as Simon's at Oxfords.

Brannigan’s It’s light shone for only a short time, but it made a lasting impression. Had a strict dress code and lots of drinks deals. The best seats were right in front of the window on High Street so you could show strangers how much fun you were having. Is now a supermarket.

Daily Echo:

Jumpin’ Jaks Duelling pianos, Spinny Man and the barn dance theme always made sure there was a huge queue across the interior of Leisure World to get in – even if it was actually empty inside. Also, you could usually find Matt Le Tissier and Claus Lundekvam in the corner. Best known for a sewage pipe which exploded over the dance floor, covering revellers in something they’d probably not remember.

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Martine’s Okay, it was in Eastleigh, but is definitely still worth inclusion. Massive dancefloor in the centre, surrounded by balconies overlooking it. Well known for its 999 parties and attracted  90s Saints stars such Richard Hall and Neil Heaney.

Bar Med/Below Bar A sunshine-themed bar when the High Street was a busy place to go out at night. It was a brightly coloured chain pub which later became the more sober-coloured Below Bar. Is now a strip club.

The Venue Really dark inside, despite the huge windows overlooking the water at Town Quay.

Daily Echo:

Chicago Rock Another well known chain that opened up in Southampton only to vanish (like Walkabout and O’Neills). At one point it offered £12-all-you-can-drink deals, but made sure you spent most of the night trying to get the attention of the barstaff. Closed to become Ocean & Collins and has since rebranded as Bliss and is now Voodoo.

Magnum Is now Unit, but was known as one of Southsampton’s main gay clubs in its heyday. Has had a number of names, such as Club M.

City of Sound/Star’s Tucked away beside York Gate, behind Hanover Buildings, the building is now empty but still purple.

Daily Echo:

Celebration Plaza A joint venture between Matt Le Tissier and Mike Osman, on Terminus Terrace. Le God is on record saying he lost a few quid on this place. Is now flats.

C’s Brightly coloured plastic chairs and screens in the toilets so you could make sure your date was washing their hands. Closed to become Bambuubar and is now a strip club.