AS this paper reports today, the unfortunate incidents that have taken place at the newly-opened cycle interchange reveal how difficult it is to create a cycle friendly city.

Ironically the Daily Echo has in recent weeks been host to a lively and at times heated debate into how far busy roads can ever be made safe for those using a bike.

Indeed, some have even advocated that cyclists should give the matter up and stop using city roads as they are now simply too dangerous.

Certainly this is not a position echoed by this paper, and we applaud efforts being made to make cycling in Southampton and surrounding areas much safer for all.

The hit-and-run at the “cycle friendly” junction near the Itchen Bridge, within days of its opening, reveals however just how difficult it is to protect cyclists.

Perhaps the lessons to be learned are that having created safer biking lanes and junctions there should be a programme of education for both motorists and those using pedal power to avoid misunderstandings, injuries and even tragedy.

The fight to make our streets safe for cycling is essential and should go on but with a strong dose of common sense.