A THIEF has stolen a urinal from the toilets of a Southampton pub.

Landlord Alan Dreja has expected to find the odd missing ashtray or bar mat but he was shocked to discover someone had gone into the gents' loos and removed the item from the wall.

The "un-loo-usual" theft happened at the Royal Oak pub in Houndwell Place while the bar was open.

The man thought to be responsible had casually enjoyed half a pint of Fosters before strolling into the men's toilets and removing the urinal.

He was then captured on the pub's CCTV cameras walking out of the bar with a bulging rucksack on his back.

It was only when a family member went into the toilets just before closing time that the urinal was found missing.

Mr Dreja, 46, has run the pub for two years with his wife Suzie.

The man is thought to have been in the toilets for about 40 minutes during which time other customers used the loo but didn't see the man removing it.

The theft was reported to police who believe the urinal could have been stolen by someone who may be doing cut-price plumbing work in the area.