THEY had gone into hospital expecting the best of care for their sick two-year-old son.

Parents John and Marie Giles were desperately worried for little Callum as his temperature rocketed and he was taken to hospital by ambulance.

But they weren’t expecting to see their little boy, who was hooked up to a drip, forced to sleep across two plastic chairs at the side of a ward for six hours - because there were no beds free.

The furious couple say they are making a complaint, describing their son’s treatment as “appalling”.

It was his second trip to Southampton General Hospital in a matter of days last week – having initially been rushed to the emergency department amid fears he might have meningitis.

On that occasion, doctors carried out tests and ruled the deadly disease out, instead diagnosing him with a viral infection.

But Callum was readmitted last Friday night, his temperature having risen, and his parents say he was diagnosed with a blood infection.

He was admitted and taken to the paediatric ward where he was given a bed and spent an hour before doctors told the couple they were moving Callum to the G1 assessment ward.

But on arrival on the ward at 4.30pm, Marie said nurses told them there were no beds available.

Despite constant attempts to get her son a bed, mother Marie, 29, of Burghclere Road, ended up creating a makeshift one herself with two chairs.

She said Callum found it hard to sleep as the chairs were uncomfortable and sticking to him as he was so hot.

Marie claims that even a consultant who inspected him did not comment on the situation.

When they asked why he could not lie on a camp bed, normally used by parents, they were refused over fears he might roll off because they don’t have sides like a hospital bed.

Callum was eventually given a bed at 10.30pm and was discharged the next afternoon. He has since been making a good recovery.

Daily Echo:

Security officer and father-of-seven John, 34, said: “It’s absolutely appalling. It’s not good enough, he’s two years old.

“It shouldn’t happen in 2014. He was very ill.”

Marie added: “I think it’s disgusting –it’s very poor care. We want an apology but also a change in the way they treat people as it’s just not good enough.”

Last night a hospital spokesman told the Daily Echo that they were not aware of any complaint by Mr and Mrs Giles but were sorry to hear they were unhappy with the care their son received.

He added: “However, we would be happy to discuss any aspect of Callum’s treatment with his parents directly and investigate any remaining concerns they have to ensure we offer them complete reassurance about our processes and procedures.”