WHEN an actor and three Southampton lapdancers were accused of kidnapping a nightclub boss the saga already sounded like the plot of a film.

And now the real-life story, which reached its dramatic conclusion earlier this year when they were all cleared by a court, could be about to make the journey onto the silver screen.

One of the four women cleared of kidnapping club boss Curtis Woodman has told today how she is in talks with producers to adapt the tale for the screen.

DJ and producer Charlotte Devaney, below, already has some experience on the silver screen, having starred in Hollywood comedy How To Lose Friends and Alienate People with Simon Pegg.

Daily Echo:

In March 2012 she recruited 60 lapdancers to work at a pop-up nightclub run by Mr Woodman during the Cheltenham Festival.

The club was closed down on its third night because the dancers stripped off despite rules ordering them to wear nipple tassels and bikinis.

Mr Woodman refused to pay out more than £42,000 they had earned during the club’s first two nights.

He then claimed that Charlotte, three of the lapdancers and two brothers hired as “heavies” turned up at his office in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, bundled him into the back of a BMW and beat him up before forcing him to transfer over £4,800.

Devaney and the three lapdancers – Mandy Cool, Stephanie Pye and Rachel Goodchild, who are all from Southampton – denied the charges.

Daily Echo:

Stephanie Pye

They were unanimously cleared of kidnapping Mr Woodman by a jury at Bristol Crown Court in January.

The two brothers, Alex and Robert Morris, were also cleared of kidnap.

Daily Echo:

Mandy Cool

Now Charlotte has revealed that the story could be turned into a film, and that she is in discussion with producers.

She is reported today to have said: “It has been a total nightmare from start to finish.

Daily Echo:

Rachel Goodchild

“There was not one tiny bit of truth in the claims against us yet were dragged through a court case that could have wrecked our lives.

“It damaged all of us. And we have all come away mentally scarred from it.”

But, she added: “It is an amazing story. It’s got pretty girls, a big horse racing event, an alleged kidnapping, lies, injustice and a thrilling court case.

“And the good guys win in the end so there is also a happy ending.”