IT is a fishy tale of survival that sounds like something out of the Disney film Finding Nemo.

A metre-long fish that escaped from a Hampshire aquatic centre during the winter flooding back in February has been found seven miles away.

The chagoi koi carp, named Chadwick, was one of two fishes missing from World of Water in Romsey when the centre was overwhelmed by floods back in February.

However the 10-year-old fish is back in his pond after it was found almost two months later by a woman walking her dog near the Salmon Leap pub in Totton, who spotted the distinctive fish in the River Test.

Daily Echo:

Chadwick being rescued by William Coulson of Romsey World of Water

Staff believed that Chadwick, popular with customers and affectionately known as Chad, would not be found - despite constant rumours of sightings.

The woman, who found Chad, said that the fish had been causing quite a stir and people were feeding it bread.

She took photos of Chad and then staff at World of Water rescued it by luring it with some bread.

Daily Echo:

Chadwick being treated back at Romsey World of Water

Centre manager Mark Bradbury said: "It's a fantastic story, no-one could believe where Chad had ended up.”

“We never thought we would get him back. He was such a dramatic looking fish, we thought that all sorts of things could happened to him."

He added: “Everybody was just ecstatic when he was found; he was a real favourite with the staff and customers alike.

"He has been through a hard time but he has made a full recovery and returned to his normal friendly self, but will be left with a nasty scar and damaged dorsal fin."

Daily Echo:

Chadwick and Steve the sturgeon reunited in their pond

It was one of two fishes that escaped as Steve the sturgeon also went missing but was found in a deep puddle at a car wash a mile down the road days later.

According to Mark, both Steve and Chad were inseparable after being reunited.