THEY are only a day old but these Peregrine Falcons chicks have already ruffled a few feathers at a Hampshire police station.

The four tiny chicks hatched at the top of the force headquarters in Winchester a year after a nesting box for a pair of mating falcons was installed in January 2013.

Last year the same box - which is the size of a small dog kennel, saw the birth of two falcon chicks.

It was fitted by Hampshire Ornithological Society and county bird recorder for the society, Keith Betton, said: “It was great to see two chicks in the nest last year, but fantastic to see four this year. “Hopefully all of the young will get enough food to be strong and healthy.

“We now have about a dozen Peregrine nests in Hampshire, and to have been able to assist with their increase has been very pleasing. I'm grateful to everyone on the team in Winchester who has helped."

Should the Peregrine Falcons escape the force headquarters, then they will be tough to find as they are the fastest bird in the world and fly at speeds of more than 200mph.