EVER wondered what it would be like to be a life-sized Subbuteo figure?

Well it seems many people in Hampshire have asked themselves that question, as costumes of the figures have been flying off the shelves at a Southampton fancy dress shop.

While some people are very happy to show their support for England by adorning their homes with flags and bunting, others have gone a step further by wearing Subbuteo kits.

And even though Roy Hodgson’s side were yesterday guaranteed a World Cup exit, one Hampshire shop is bracing itself for even greater demand for the costumes as fans try to cheer themselves up.

Staff at Hollywood Just for Fun, in Queensway, Southampton, say that the football fancy dress costumes have been popular since the World Cup kicked off.

Each one costs £42.99 and comes, much like Subbuteo figures do, in either blue or red. They all come with a shirt, shorts, socks and of course the famous shoes.

Sam Kerr, manager at Hollywood Just for Fun, said: “I think people have gone a bit football crazy ever since the World Cup kicked off.

“What has perhaps made it popular is that many people remember Subbuteo as a kid, together with the start of the World Cup.

“I think it brings back people’s childhood by wearing it.”

Daily Echo:

Shop manager Sam Kerr