A YOUNG man who suffered from depression wrote his will and then took a fatal overdose after taking himself off his medication, an inquest heard.

Oliver Ellis, 33, was found by his brother and mum after he collapsed.

He died soon after.

Southampton Coroner’s Court heard how Oliver had decided to stop taking his anti-depression pills weeks before his death on February 13.

The inquest heard from his dad, Geoff Ellis, who told how Oliver had been a sociable and bright boy. But he said Oliver changed after falling in with the wrong crowd and dabbling with illicit drugs while a schoolboy at the Westgate School. He said he felt there had not been sufficient pastoral care at the school at the time.

In the years leading up to his overdose he said Oliver still lived in the family home in Cheriton, near Winchester.

But Mr Ellis said: “He did not have confidence to live anywhere else.”

Despite being his carers Mr Ellis added that he felt the NHS kept them in the dark about any side effects of medication.

A statement from Oliver’s brother, also called Geoffrey, was also read out. He told how he was disabled after a mountain biking accident and how he now uses a wheelchair. Geoffrey, however, said he feared Oliver may have seen him overcome his difficulties and live independently and then asked himself why he could not take the same steps?

However, ruling that Oliver had taken his own life, coroner Grahame Short said: “No one else should feel responsible. This was Oliver’s decision I believe.”

The hearing heard how he had made his will the day before overdosing.