A 'LOCH Ness monster' is causing a stir down at a Southampton lake.

The tyre creation has appeared at the boating lake down at Southampton sports centre near the athletics track.

It led to shouts from one mother to her children that there was a snake in the water, which led to excited screaming, while dog walkers and joggers were left bemused by it.

Although many were not impressed by the state of the lake itself all were impressed by the monster, which some described as Loch Ness or a dinosaur.

Placed in the middle of the lake the monster is made of four tyres half-submerged in the lake, with one cut off to make the head.

Daily Echo: Liz Boggust and son Samuel.

Nurse Liz Boggust, 31, of Underwood Road, Bassett, was with son Samuel, 2, and mother Christine Foot.

She said: "It would be nice to be tidied up a bit.  I think it's entertaining for the kids.

It makes it better than just having rubbish, I wish there was more stuff like that."

Christine added that it would act like a good deterrent to keep children away from the water.

"The kids won't want to go in the water there if they thought there was a monster."

Daily Echo:

Lisa Marouzet, 46, of Oakley Road, Shirley, was walking the dog with daughter Uma, 5.

She said: "I did sort of notice it.

"It's a bit of fun I suppose. It's a good idea, it's more the lake itself is horrible.

"It's a shame because if it was clean that might look a bit more profound."

Daily Echo:

Dog walker Mike Mallon, 66, of Rownhams, said: "It's the local Loch Ness Monster.
"It's different. I saw it the other day and I had to look two or three times and I was quite tickled by it to be honest."