SOUTHAMPTON’S HA HA Gallery presents its second exhibition and group show spectacular, Dead Famous, an exhibition about celebrity and death.

It brings together 16 artists from Southampton and across the UK who will present new works examining and responding to themes of death and celebrity in contemporary society.

To be obsessed with celebrity is to be obsessed with death, as fame is as ephemeral as life.

Celebrities are the new religious icons, invoking love and hate in their followers, guiding us through the ups and downs of life in the way that faith used to.

The artists involved in Dead Famous work in varied and diverse media, and the show will include video, performance, painting, and installation art.

Following the success of HA HA Gallery’s inaugural show THUNDER FLUX!, Dead Famous promises to be a feast of outrageous contemporary art talent.

It features work by Rafal Zajko, Jethro German, Liv Fontaine, Ana Aguiar, Paul Kindersley, Alexandra Bell, Isaac Whitcombe, Charlie James, Hannah Dinsdale Robson, Roshni Bhagotra, Paul Vivian, Mustafa Choudhry and Francesca Blomfield plus performances by Liberty Hodes, Henry Petrides and Edward Alderwick.

HA HA gallery is a contemporary art space on the historic Old Northam Road in Southampton.

The gallery was set up by Liv Fontaine and Jen Harris and opened in May with the purpose of exposing the newest and wildest art talents to the people of Southampton.

Dead Famous opens tonight from 6-9pm and runs until Saturday, August 2. Entry is free. Opening hours are Friday-Sunday, 12pm-5pm, or by appointment.