A HAMPSHIRE teacher has been banned from the profession after giving a teenage pupil alcohol, condoms and the key to his house.

Tyrone Mark took the girl on outings without her parents’ knowledge and gave her driving lessons, even though she was legally too young to get behind the wheel.

He also wrote sexually-explicit notes about many of her fellow pupils, some of whom featured in school photographs he kept at his home.

Mr Mark was sacked from his job at The Arnewood School in New Milton after his relationship with the girl – identified only as Pupil A – came to light.

He has now been expelled from the profession following a misconduct hearing held by the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL).

Last night Arnewood said it was “shocked and disgusted” by his actions and accused him of betraying the trust placed in him by the school.

However, Arnewood said a police investigation had found no evidence of any criminal behaviour by Mr Mark.

The 38-year-old geography teacher refused to attend the misconduct hearing, which went ahead in his absence.

A NCTL report says he was summoned to a meeting with Arnewood’s head teacher, Chris Hummerstone, and admitted giving the girl alcohol, condoms and his backdoor key during a relationship that lasted several months.

The report says Mr Mark took her to Bath on two occasions without her parents’ knowledge or consent.

It also accuses him of undermining the relationship between Pupil A and her parents, making offensive remarks about her mother and sending the teenager abusive texts about Arnewood and his fellow teachers.

The report says the collec tion of photographs and notes found at his home were compiled over a ten-year period.

It adds: “Mr Mark kept the photographs in folders at his home alongside Post It notes on which he made appalling comments of a graphically sexual nature in relation to pupils, many of whom were shown in the photographs.

“He also stored the photos alongside newspaper cuttings advertising all manner of adult services.

“In our view this constitutes fundamental betrayal of the trust he owed to the pupils and their families.

“His behaviour towards Pupil A failed to observe the proper boundaries appropriate to his professional position and developed into an entirely inappropriate relationship, which he clearly controlled.

“By his conduct he created dissension within her family and in particular made abusive and totally inappropriate comments about her mother.

“He seems to have totally ignored her family's wishes in a number of ways and involved Pupil A in illegal behaviour in relation to the driving lessons.”

The NCTL’s recommendation that Mr Mark be banned from teaching for professional misconduct has been approved by Alan Meyrick, acting on behalf the Secretary of State for Education.

Mr Meyrick said Mr Mark had offered no mitigation for his behaviour.

He added: “He appears to have displayed no appreciation of its immensely damaging effect on Pupil A and the distress caused to her family.”


The Arnewood School today said it was “shocked and disgusted” by the actions of Mr Mark, whom they sacked last year.

In a statement, chairman of governors, Elizabeth Cook, and the head teacher, Chris Hummerstone, said they had been unable to discuss the matter publicly until now but moved to reassure parents that a full police investigation had taken place.

They described how when allegations were made against Mr Mark he was immediately suspended, an investigation launched and the matter referred to the Disclosure and Barring Service, the government body which replaces the Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority.

They said: “We would like to reassure parents that the police investigated these matters and found no criminal activity had taken place.”

Mr Mark had his contract “terminated” by the school in March 2013.

The statement added: “We were shocked and disgusted by his actions outside of school. The very serious nature of the national panel’s findings reflects this and we fully support the decision taken to prohibit him from teaching following our referral.

“It must be stressed that the documents and files found in Mr Mark’s home were discovered seven months after he had left the school’s employment.

“There is no evidence that Mr Mark formed inappropriate relationships with any other student.

“Mr Mark was a very experienced teacher, a colleague for many years; we feel that the trust we placed in him has been betrayed.

The statement added: “To protect the identity of the student involved we are unable to comment any further. We would respectfully ask students and others to refrain from using social media speculation to protect the identity and feelings of the student.”