A YOUNG mother struggling with depression killed herself only eight days before her bereaved husband took a lethal dose of heroin, an inquest heard.

The families and friends of Louise and Brent Turner, who had been married for just five months, were left stricken with grief when the couple tragically died in April.

Southampton coroner’s court heard how mum-of-three Louise, 34, died on April 1 from an overdose of antidepressant drugs, while cocaine was also found in her system.

A note in her handwriting asking for forgiveness from God was found folded up in a bible in the house.

Husband Brent, 31, found her dead at home in Romsey after he had gone to bed alone the previous night.

As reported at the time, Brent later paid tribute to his wife in the Daily Echo, saying “take my heart, it’s yours to keep”.

He had had been planning her funeral and dealing with arrangements when he was found dead of a heroin overdose on April 9, the hearing was told.

Louise’s stepdad Ian Carter told an inquest into her death that at their wedding he saw two happy people who “didn’t have a care in the world”.

But the coroner heard that Mrs Turner had a history of depression and had threatened to hurt herself in the past.

There were also suggestions that she was thinking of filing for divorce, although the couple were living together at the time of her death.

Detective Sergeant Sharon Austin told the court that on the evening of March 31 Brent had been out with friends when Louise texted him, telling him to come home.

He found her unconscious the following morning and emergency services were unable to save her.

A week later Brent spent the night watching TV and drinking cider at a friend’s flat at Lord Mountbatten Close. The following morning, his friends left at around 11am, leaving Brent sleeping inside. When they returned around 6pm they found his body after forcing open a locked bathroom door.

Brent’s mum Gabrielle Turner said: “He seemed to be level-minded about everything.

“Obviously it shook him up and upset him because he thought the world of her.”

Ms Turner raised concerns regarding a cut on her son’s head, but assistant coroner Sarah Whitby said that this had not contributed to his death.

Recording a verdict of suicide concerning Louise’s death, Mrs Whitby said: “I know that she was a woman with a strong conscience and the fact that she wasn’t able to take care of the children was a significant sadness in her life.”

With regards to Brent, Mrs Whitby recorded a verdict of a drug-related death, and offered her condolences to his family.

She said: “You have got no answers to your questions and I do not think that you ever will.”