RESIDENTS watched in horror as armed police swooped on a Hampshire neighbourhood.

Homeowners in Hedge End told how they were confronted with scenes similar to that of a television cop show when they looked out of their windows to see officers with guns suddenly descend on their street.

Armed officers were joined by the police helicopter, which was seen circling the area for several hours, as the drama unfolded yesterday afternoon.

Turnpike Way became the centre of major police activity at around 3pm when numerous police cars and officers were called into action along with the air support unit.

Last night police confirmed that an armed response vehicle was in the area carrying out a stop check of a vehicle which resulted in the arrest of a man on suspicion of motoring offences.

Worried residents in the area took to social media as the operation got under way, asking police why the helicopter was in the air for so long and why the need for armed police.

Some revealed how they watched scared from their windows as police with guns approached the homes of their neighbours, shouting before heading inside, like something they would usually see on television.

Others said how they were warned by officers to lock up their homes and stay indoors, although they were not given any information about the reasons why.

A spokesperson from Hampshire Police last night said: “There was a stop check of a vehicle today which was carried out by officers from an armed response vehicle.

“A man was detained on suspicion of motoring offences.”

When the Daily Echo asked for more information there was no further comment from police.