BRING on the barbecues and bikinis, for summer in Hampshire has been given a reprieve.

Weather experts are predicting sunny and warm temperatures next week following a drizzly and cold August.

The Great British summertime will begin making its come back this weekend but the big difference will be noticed from next Tuesday.

Temperatures from then on should begin building with the mercury hitting a respectable 24C (75F) by the mid-week and possible more by the weekend.

Thousands are expected to make a bee-line for the beach, with bathing temperatures peaking for the year at about 18C (64F).

The return of summer is thanks to the jet stream high above.

It has begun shifting to the north of Britain, meaning warm and settled weather will drift towards the south coast.

Met Office spokesman Mark Wilson said: “It is looking a lot more positive.

“From Tuesday onwards we will see an area of high pressure going through the UK with much more fine and dry conditions and for a few days we will see temperatures starting to creep up slowly. By Wednesday we could be seeing 23C or 24C in the Hampshire region.”