THIS is the cringe-worthy moment when an ice bucket charity challenge went badly wrong.

Jess Lovelock made a boob of her home video when she accidentally flashed her breasts as she tipped a massive bucket of water over her head.

The footage begins well with the 34-year-old dressed in gym shorts and a crop top putting her thumbs up to the camera and grinning after she’s thanked her niece before enthusiastically listing her nominations.

But as Jess, below, manager of M&Co in Romsey, swings to lift the large bucket of iced water over her head, viewers get more than they bargained for.

Her small pink top flies down with the water, revealing her breasts. She looks mortified as she quickly grabs the bucket in a desperate bid to cover her modesty.

Despite the embarrassing footage, Jess said she decided to post it online anyway in the name of charity.

She said: “I was genuinely unsure about posting it but then I just thought ‘why not, charity is a good reason’. It’s doing what it was supposed to, raising awareness and money. I’m still laughing at it myself.”

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Jess Lovelock