EARLY results for the primary school Key Stage 2 Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) show Hampshire pupils scoring above average.

Hampshire County Council and Southampton City Council’s overall provisional results in SATs show above average results in 11 year old pupils sitting leve l four exams in reading, writing and mathematics.

In county council-run sc hools 88 per cent achieved the nationally expected level four or above in mathematics, 91 per cent in reading and 87 per cent in writing, all above the national average.

The percentage of those achieving level four in all areas continues to improve and has reached 81 per cent, compared to 78 per cent nationally.

A signif icant proportion – or 25 per cent – continue to reach the higher standard of level five in all three subject areas.

In Southampton City Council-run schools 89 per cent achieved level four in reading, one per cent above the national average, while 86 per cent achieved the level in writing, also one per cent above average.

In maths 87 per cent scored level four in maths, in line with the national average.

County education boss Cllr Peter Edgar said: “The children who sat those tests will be starting secondary education next week with good founda tions for future success.”