FIRE-FIGHTERS were injured in an explosion while battling a blaze in a huge warehouse, Hampshire Fire and Rescue have confirmed.

They had been standing in front of a huge fire engulfing Tip Trailer Services in Marchwood when it exploded - rocking the whole of Southampton.

Five of the crew were injured as debris flew from the explosion.

Paramedics scrambled to help them as the fire intensified behind them.

Four fire-fighters were treated for minor injuries but one of them sustained a bad leg injury which was treated at Southampton General Hospital.

As previously reported, more than 25 firefighters from across the city were drafted in to battle the inferno.

Residents from as far away as the centre of Southampton, Bitterne, Shirley and Hamble reported their homes and windows being shaken by the force of the blasts caused by the blaze.

The explosions heard and felt were believed to have been caused by numerous gas cylinders combusting as the fire took hold.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue said it was during this time their crew members became injured.

A spokesman said: “Five fire-fighters were assessed on the scene and one did attend hospital for further injuries. But it was for minor injuries.”

Crews from St Mary's, Hardley, Totton and Hythe were all drafted in to help tackle the blaze at about 7.30pm last night.

It is not known who raised the alarm and that most of the building had been damaged by the fire.