THE FATHER of Ashya King has spoken of how his “heart ached for his son” whilst he has in kept away from him in prison.

Brett King said: ''My heart is aching for my son. I want to see my son's face.''

 Asked what the ordeal had been like, Mrs King said: ''All I was doing all the time was crying and crying. What could I do in a prison cell?''

Asked how angry they were, Mr King said: ''I wouldn't say angry, I'm just missing my son so much. Anger can't come in at the moment because I've just got these feelings I've got to see my son's face.''

The boy's mother said: ''I just want to wet his mouth because he can't drink through his mouth, I want to brush his teeth, I want to turn him side to side every 15 minutes because he can't move. I just want to do all those things I was doing from Southampton, I want to do it for him here.''

Asked about being separated from her son, she said: ''I was just praying so I could be reunited with him again. I couldn't do much, really - all I could do was just cry and pray.''

Mr King added: "He said: “I just want to say a big thank you to David Cameron and everyone who has helped us.

“There was not a moment that went by without our hearts hurting to see Ashya.”

He described the pain of hearing his wife crying in a cell near to him.

“I was going to ask to move cells because I could not listen to my wife crying

“When you are locked up, you just don't know what is happening, you can't do anything. You don't know what the future is. What was going to happen to Ashya without us.”

Mr King explained how he felt when he was separated from his son. He said: “They just wanted to take him away from us.

“They did not how to care for him that he needed to move him in his arms, from side to side. They just wanted to take him away from us.”

“My heart is still up here (gesturing above his chest) I don't feel good. We just want to see our son.

“We can be together as a family and show love to him, without that there is no purpose to life.”

He was speaking at a press conference in Spain which he is holding with his wife Naghmeh who said she had prayed she would be reunited with Ashya whilst she was imprisioned.

The couple spent two nights in prison in Madrid after their arrest on Saturday whilst the authorities in Spain dealt with an extradition request from Britain.

That was sparked after the Crown Prosecution Service applied for international arrest warrants for the pair after their took brain tumour patient Ashya out of Southampton General Hospital where he was receiving treatment without the consent of medics.

They were eventually found in Malaga on Saturday. Ashya was admitted to a local hospital whilst his parents were remanded into custody.

In a dramatic day of developments yesterday which saw a 126,000 signature petition handed in to Downing Street calling for the Kings' release and political pressure from the Prime Minister, the Crown Prosecution Service withdrew the arrest warrants.

Within the hour a Spanish judge had ordered the release of Mr and Mrs King. They were then driven from the prison in Madrid to Seville where they held the press conference this morning.

In a further development five year old Ashya is now set to go to the Czech Republic for the treatment his parents wanted him to receive.

His medical records have been sent to the Proton Therapy Centre (PTC) in Prague, which said it had agreed the specialised technique is suitable for him.