THE mum of a depressed 15-year-old schoolboy who stepped in front of a train say a Hampshire hospital failed to warn of any risks of a strong anti-depressant he had been given, a coroner was told today.

An inquest has opened today into the death of schoolboy George Werb who was allowed him to go home just hours after being given the pills – despite having suffered a previous adverse reaction to the drug.

The court heard how hours later his body was found by tracks 45 minutes' walk from his family home, having been hit by a train travelling at 75 miles per hour.

His family's lawyers claim the Priory Hospital near Marchwood failed to carry out a risk assessment when they allowed the teenager home earlier the previous day.

The court heard how for the past year George had suffered from depression and had delusions that he was suffering from ailments and diseases.

When he was given anti-depressants, the inquest was told he started worrying about side effects of which he had been researching about online.

While in a psychiatric hospital in Devon he was given the drug Fluoxetine - but he had become distressed about the effects he believed he was feeling.

The coroners' court also heard how while at the Priory Hospital, George had repeatedly talked about killing himself, had drawn pictures depicting suicide and had even made an attempt.

Giving evidence, his mum, Joanne said days before he stepped in front of a train she read a note by George expressing his worry about the effect medications were having on him.

After he was found dead, police discovered the same note  - with some further pages added - under his bed.

Mrs Werb told the court she had raised concerns about this with George's psychiatrist Dr Carlos Hoyos.

She said she had told Dr Hoyos about the note and of George's desperation to come off the anti-psychotic medicine Olanzapine, which he was already taking.

She said: "We did tell him that George was suicidal. But he did not want to discuss it. "He was just adamant George stay on the dosage he was on and start with the Fluoxetine.

"We felt he had not listened to what we had tried to say to him."

At no time were any risks of starting Fluoxetine or the risk of suicide discussed, she said.

The court heard how George had been sectioned and referred to the only available bed, which was at the Hythe Road hospital, so doctors could stabilise his failing mental health.

George was found dead the morning after being allowed home to Devon. He had been hit by Yeovil to Exeter train which was going too fast to stop when he stepped out about 150 yards in front of it.

Meanwhile a family search for George, who had gone missing from his home, came upon the incident.