FROM fluffy cubs to curious monkeys - some of the most magical moments in nature have been captured in photos.

Marwell Wildlife have announced the winners of their fifth Photographer of the Year competition which saw hundreds of professional, amateur and young snappers grab their cameras and search out the best nature has to offer.

Prizes have now been given to the 37 winners, runners up and commended entrants of the four categories, which included native wildlife, cute and funny pictures, Marwell Wildlife residents and endangered species.

The top prize went to a picture of Kanika, the zoo's Amur leopard cub exploring her enclosure, taken by George Wheelhouse.

Suzie Tanser from Winchester photographed a Japanese Macaque playing with a smart phone, while bathing in the Jigokudari thermal pool in Japan and was named winner of the Cute and Funny category.

She said: “I am not sure how he got hold of it, but one of the macaques was brandishing an iPhone. He initially played with it but then seemed to take a closer look - not sure if he was checking his Facebook, taking a selfie or admiring his reflection.”

Meanwhile 14-year-old Eloise Mott from Southampton won the junior Cute and Funny category with her image of a zebra resting its head on another's back.

The youngster, who had only taken up photography in the last year, said: “We were on holiday in South Africa and on safari. It was just resting its chin and I thought that's so cute! It popped up outside the car and rested its head for a couple of minutes and then went back to eating.”

Prizes included a nine-day Wild Espana trip supplied by competition sponsors Wildlife Worldwide, worth £1,395, Gardenature, Thule and Powertraveller camera accessories, photography experience days, annual membership to Marwell Zoo and books from the BBC Natural History Unit.