CHILDREN will be joined by adults taking part in a feast of musical delights celebrating Southampton's cultural diversity.

Members of a variety of choirs and musical groups from across the county will be heading to the Vedic Society Hindu Temple in Southampton for an annual musical event.

Schoolchildren from the Hollybrook Junior School in Seagarth Lane and St Anne’s Catholic School in Carlton Road will be performing songs from across the world as part of Space for Peace.

A classical Indian soloist will be performing at the Radcliffe Road temple while representatives from many of the city’s major faiths will be there too for the event which is part of National Interfaith Week.

Organised by charity Southampton Council of Faiths and Reverend Professor June Boyce-Tillman of the University of Winchester, the event is on Wednesday.

Co-organiser Priti Dave described last year’s event as a “joyful celebration” and expects more than 100 people to be there.

She said: “This is an extremely important event. It brings communities together to enjoy music and celebrate different cultures. It’s about building bridges and breaking barriers.

“It’s going to see the various strands of the city coming together. Southampton Council of Faiths tries to play an important part in keeping that going.

“It works with different faith communities and agencies to ensure that we’re all peaceful in our city.”

The evening, which begins at 7pm, opens with a representative of the Bashir Ahmed Mosque in Portswood Road performing a call to prayer.

Students from the Solent, Southampton and Winchester University’s Chaplaincy will sing before children from the Hollybrook Junior School and St Anne’s Catholic School take to the stage.

Southampton musical teacher Pooja Angra, pictured left, will perform songs from India followed by the King Alfred Singer from the University of Winchester.

The idea comes from Prof Boyce-Tillman as a way to “explore new ways of musical prayer and meditation”.

Admission free.