SAINTS' star Victor Wanyama's home was burgled last night, while he was away with the team for a match.

The 23-year-old's home was "robbed clean" according to reports in his native Kenya.

A Range Rover Sport, said to be worth around £60,000, three televisions, electronics, designer clothing and jewellery were among the items stolen in the raid.

Around 30 pairs of shoes and designer clothes, amongst other household goods were also taken.

The theft happened while he was away in Birmingham playing for Saints in last night's 1-1 draw with Aston Villa.

Mr Wanyama discovered the burglary when he returned home after the match, reports Capital Sports in Nairobi.

A source close to the player is quoted in the Nairobi News as saying: “It seems the thieves had ample time considering he was not in the house. They turned the house upside down and he is still in shock. The police have been called in and investigations have started.”

The Daily Echo understands that Southampton FC work with their players to advise them on their personal security and take a number of extra precautions to help them keep themselves and their property as safe as possible.

In recent years, a number of Premier League players have been targeted while playing away games, such as Liverpool's Steven Gerrard.