SHE’S wolfed down a three-foot hot dog weighing three kilos, an eighty ounce steak in less than an hour, and a foot-high burger – but eating machine Emma Dalton has been defeated for the first time.

The enormous 11lb Christmas burger, created by a chef at Buzz’s American Diner in Southampton, was just too much for size eight Miss Dalton.

Despite her slim frame and 5ft 2in height, she’s been dubbed the “human hoover” and says she consumes a massive 8,000 calories a day – four times the daily recommended amount for women.

But the 15,000-calorie festive feast, including the chips, was the first meal that was simply too much for her.

Emma valiantly munched away for 53 minutes but eventually conceded that she could not finish the meal, although that didn’t stop her squeezing in some pudding afterwards.

The 25-year-old said: “I started doing the food challenges in Orlando in August and this will be about my sixth challenge.

“I just have a big appetite and it’s all about strategy and about focus. I don’t feel full very often so I just get on with it.

“I did it all except for the bit of bread and I thought I was going to do it, but halfway through I thought ‘no’.”

Emma accepted defeat graciously and stuck around to have some cheesecake and to offer advice to others brave enough to take on the challenge.

She added: “If the chef had put some ice cream on there it would have been fine.”

Earlier this year Emma stunned staff at the city diner when she polished off the restaurant’s Big One burger in just 40 minutes.

Before her, more than 200 people from across the country had travelled to Buzz’s to attempt it but failed.

The diner is now offering customers the chance to try their hand at beating the burger, with the promise that anyone who finishes it will get a free meal for two every month for a year.

Manager Mark Thurston-Jones said: “It was a very valiant attempt.

“Emma said the Christmas burger is the tastiest she’s ever done and the challenge is now finding someone who can eat it.