A NAKED man spotted in the water off the coast of Hampshire was rescued twice after sparking an emergency operation to get him back to shore.

The Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue (GAFIRS) team were called into action when the 25-year-old man was seen swimming naked in the water just south of the Stokes Bay Sailing Club.

It appeared to those on shore that he was confused and getting into some difficulty, with many concerned for his health considering the cold temperatures yesterday morning, where temperatures were between 3C and 4C outside of the water.

Mike Allen, vice chairman operations at GAFIRS, confirmed that they got the call from the Coastguard at 9.45am and within 15 minutes a team had launched the lifeboat into the water.

They were joined by two officers from Hampshire police’s marine unit, who were alerted by a person who knew the Gosport man, and who was concerned for his welfare.

By the time they had got there, a RIB from the Stokes Bay Sailing Club had already recovered the man from the water.

But, shortly afterwards, he was back in the water and was picked up the second time by the lifeboat team, who had all left their day jobs to assist in the rescue.

They quickly wrapped him up in a coat and got him to the shore, where paramedics from South Central Ambulance Service were waiting for him.

The man, who was described as “confused” remained conscious throughout and did not appear to be suffering from any injuries.

Hampshire police confirmed that he was taken to Queen Alexander Hospital, in Cosham, to be checked over.

Mr Allen added: “Most of our volunteers work so to be able to get a boat out on to the water within 15 minutes is very good.”