POLICE were last night continuing to search a Hampshire property where a man was injured by a homemade firework.

The 20-year-old was still being given specialist treatment for his injuries after the bizarre incident at a Southampton property.

Emergency services were called to the address on Silverdale Road on Friday night after reports of an incident involving an explosive.

As reported by the Daily Echo paramedics were initially called at 7.15pm where they treated the casualty for severe hand injuries.

He was taken to Southampton General Hospital initially before being taken to Odstock burns unit near Salisbury for specialist treatment.

Meanwhile police and bomb disposal teams were called in at about 9.30pm to conduct a search of the home to ensure there was no further risk to the public.

Officers remained on the scene throughout the night and were still there yesterday evening, manning a cordon.

Daily Echo:

A spokesman confirmed that a search was being undertaken by officers along with members of the Ordnance Disposal team.

She added: “The search is taking place to ensure that there is nothing inside the property that poses any further risk to the public.”

She added that the incident was not being treated as anything related to a terrorist act.

An eye witness said: “I just came out of home this morning and saw a lot of police activity I have no idea how long they have been here for but it looks like they are carrying out quite a significant search.”

A resident said he saw the bomb squad arrive at around 1.30am and was still there at 4am when he went to bed.

The neighbour, who asked not to be named, added: “It was a shock, you don't expect to see the bomb squad out of the front window."