WHILE most people are readying themselves for Christmas with colourful tinsel, bunting and trees, one Hampshire man has adorned his house with a more unusual decoration.

Hedge End resident Timothy “Dusty” Miller, 65, has installed an enormous Union Flag on his house bearing the words: “An urgent message for Father Christmas: All we wish for is our country back.”

While some neighbours have criticised its message for not being in the festive spirit, Mr Miller insists he is making a point.

UKIP member Mr Miller denies any accusation of racism and says questions should be asked about the UK's relationship with Europe.

It has been pointed out the the flag has been hung upside down, althogh Mr Miller says this is intentional to indicate his belief that the 'UK is in distress'.

He said: “How farcical is it that we are going to have a general election and still we have a government going down the road of making people think this is a democracy.

“It's not a democracy and everything is being done for us. I have sat for 40 years driving taxis listening and hearing people - they all feel helpless and they are not ready to say anything they believe because they feel they will pay somehow.”

Mr Miller has hung up a number of signs bearing political slogans in the past, prompting complaints and calls to the police from unhappy neighbours.