A HAMPSHIRE couple have today told how the windows of their home melted from the intense heat of a blaze that destroyed their camper van.

Daily Echo:

Wendie Fowler and Andy Goodall are counting the cost after their hymer camper van parked in the driveway of their Southampton home was completely gutted after the blaze.

The fire was so intense that the windows of their home in Priory Road, St Denys and a neighbouring property melted.

Wendie said: “We have an alarm in the van and we heard it going off and followed the noise and opened the door and black smoke was billowing out.

Daily Echo:

“We ran and grabbed water, but we realised that we couldn't tackle it ourselves. We called the fire brigade and then called the neighbours and told them to get out.”

Two fire engines and eight firefighters arrived from St Mary's Fire Station and they battled the flames by using jets and hosereels.

They managed to put out the fire which broke out at 8.21pm within ten minutes.

Wendie praised firefighters for the way they dealt with the situation, she said: ““I was so desperate for them to get here because the van was burning so quickly.

“The fire brigade were excellent, they were here so quickly and they were straight on the job.”
The camper van was bought by the couple three years ago and they use it for their holidays, and for storage.

Wendie added: “We were planning to renovate the van and it all up, it is such a shock and we can't get head around it.”

Crewe Manager for St Mary's fire station, Martyn Edmiston, said: “It was a very quick stop from crew manager Hicks and his team in a dangerous situation.”

It is believed the fire was caused by an electrical fault in the camper van.