STUDENTS and lecturers at a Hampshire university have paid their respects to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo magazine shootings in Paris.

Around 50 students from Southampton Solent University journalism course held 'Je Suis Charlie' posters in solidarity with thousands who have held vigils across European cities.

It comes after yesterday's horrifying attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine that left 12 dead and shocked millions around the world.

Less than 24 hours after the brutal attack two police officers were shot in a machine gun attack in Châtillon this morning in an apparently 'unconnected' incident.

Head of news journalism at Southampton Solent University Alan Geere, said: “We have all been stunned by the events in Paris.

“Both the staff and students felt it important to show our solidarity for what has become an attack on freedom of speech and strikes at the very core of what journalism stands for.”