POLICE have launched an investigation after a body was found on a Hampshire beach.

The man’s body was found by a walker at 8.22am on Weston Shore, Southampton.

Hampshire Constabulary are investigating and are trying to identify the man who is unknown at this time.

A force spokesman said: “It is too early to confirm whether or not it is suspicious but there is nothing to suggest so at this time, although enquiries are ongoing and we keep an open mind.

“Enquiries are also ongoing to identify the man and establish the circumstances leading up to his death. “

One walker said: "I walk along the shore front everyday, I saw a police car leaving with a black estate car which looked like some sort of undertakers it's very sad whatever happened.

"I hope it was natural causes and not anything suspicious because that would be horrific for people that live here."

Another added: "well that's not nice to happen on your doorstep, I haven't heard anything about it but it must have been horrible for the walker who found them."

Linda Brown, 67 from Weston said: "I always come here to walk my dog, how horrible for the person that found them.

"It must have been sorted quite quickly by police because everything is normal along the shore front and I haven't seen anything. I just hope the family of the person found are okay."