THE Daily Echo has today launched a campaign to track down Britain's most wanted dog owner.

It comes after nine dogs were callously dumped in the countryside in such a state they could not see, walk or stand.

Their fur was matted together so badly it covered their eyes and animal welfare officers fear they had been viciously beaten.

Daily Echo:

RSPCA inspector Jan Edwards with the matted fur cut from the dogs


Now council chiefs, the RSPCA and police have ramped up their search to track down the owners.

Once the owner is found the money will be donated to the RSPCA.

A spokesperson for the charity today said: "It's great that Echo readers are so concerned and want to help in some way. We are only able to investigate cases due to the generous donations from the public. "We greatly appreciate people sharing the appeal and we are urging anyone who knows anything to come forward."

Daily Echo:

The eight one-year-old poodle-crosses and their eight-year-old mother were found in and around Upham, Owslebury and Alresford on Monday and Tuesday.

Daily Echo:

They are currently being cared for by city council dog wardens and vets across the county.


Anyone with information should call 01962 840222, extension number 2172, or email

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