VICTIMS of botched cavity wall insulation are having their complaints ignored, a Southampton MP will tell ministers today.

Labour MP John Denham will use a Commons debate to condemn “unacceptable practices”

that have left some of his constituents in despair.

The Itchen MP will warn that the industry regulator lacks the crucial information it needs to monitor the industry effectively, to ensure that householders can get “swift redress”.

And he will criticise ministers for complacency that risks undermining confidence in cavity wall insulation, which is designed to cut both energy leakage and bills.

Ahead of the debate, Mr Denham said: “No one knows with any accuracy how many cavity wall insulation installation go wrong – and I cannot be certain whether the cases I am aware of are rare examples or the tip of an iceberg.

“But it is essential that householders are properly advised at the outset and that, if something does go wrong, they can be confident of swift and effective redress.”

In the Commons, Mr Denham will: n Set out evidence that some householders are wrongly advised to install the insulation.

• Reveal how some companies give misleading information about who is funding the work and how it will be insured.

• Describe how some installers fail to respond to complains.

• Show how some installers ask householders to pay for the removal of badly installed material.

The market in cavity wall insulation is estimated at £700m- £800m a year, after energy firms were required to invest in conservation measures.