PRIVATE chauffeurs, luxury bedrooms, personalised television shows and fine cuisine.

Pay a little bit more and you get a suite with a picturesque, tree-filled outside area complete with sun loungers.

It has all the hallmarks of sumptuous stay at a five-star resort, but this is no ordinary hotel.

This seven-room property is a retreat for Hampshire’s most pampered pussycats, complete with the latest toys and the chance to web-chat with their owners.

Hotel Cat is a country club-style resort nestled in the New Forest, complete with elaborately decorated rooms following themes like Moulin Rouge and Royal Mews.

Daily Echo:

Jackie Ferrier with Sebastian in his bedroom at Hotel Cat

It will set a doting cat owner back by £250 per week and features include TVs and DVD collections with blockbusters like The Lion King.

Owner Jackie Ferrier moved to Sway last year and transformed the barn near her house into the luxury cat-hotel, which opened in November.

The mum-of-two, 48, who previously ran a dog-hotel in Devon, said: “I love cats and people never give them enough room in a cattery.

“I find them really peaceful, they give their owners so much and when you see a cat relax and give you its heart it means a great deal.”

Every suite has a full-size bed, proper furniture, a radiator, television, pictures, clock and climbing apparatus.

Daily Echo:

Customers are also offered a luxury dining menu which includes king prawns, smoked salmon and baked chicken breast, and for moggies in London, Jackie will even provide a chauffeur service.

Jackie said: “I have always loved animals, some people are very shocked by this but it’s a very special thing that we are doing which I don’t think anyone else really offers.

“I created this place with the idea that if I wanted to leave my cats somewhere for a while this is the sort of place I would hope to find.”