PARTS of the UK will be plunged into darkness during a solar eclipse of the Sun this month.

The Faroe Islands will be most affected by the phenomenon, on March 20.

In Southampton, the eclipse will be a magnitude of 0.868, which means almost 87 per cent of the Sun's disc will be covered by the Moon.

By comparison, the eclipse of 1999 had a magnitude of 0.988.

Experts say you will see darkening skies and feel the chill coming on.

Here are timings of the eclipse, based on Southampton.

  • Start: 8.23am
  • Maximum-eclipse: 9.29am
  • Eclipse ends: 10.39am

The next time a solar eclipse will be visible in Southampton will be August 21, 2017, but that will only see a tiny fraction of the Sun covered by the moon, compared with this month.

The next total eclipse visible in Southampton will be September 23, 2090.