A WOMAN bombarded police with more than 100 nuisance 999 calls to tell them what she liked to eat, a court was told.

Louise Hathaway repeatedly called operators and talked about what her favourite meals were along with other personal issues during the 132 calls to the emergency line over the course of a month.

Southampton magistrates were told how Hathaway, 41, had a history of making similar calls when she was drunk for which she had previously been given an anti social behaviour order.

Although that order had expired she was still subject to a suspended sentence for the previous offence.

She appeared before magistrates to admit the fresh charge of sending by public communication network a false message to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety, in doing so admitted she had breached the suspended sentence.

Prosecutor Rachel Standish told the court: “She is drunk when she makes the calls. She talks about a number of things when she does including things like what meals she has had.”

As the Daily Echo has reported, this is not the first time Hathaway has appeared in court for pestering police with hundreds of nuisance calls.

In May 2011, she was spared a jail sentence after admitting to making 76 calls to 999 within less than five hours in the early hours of the morning.

While in previous hearings, the court was told that her calls included hurling abuse, proposing marriage or wanting to discuss her private life.

In this latest hearing, mitigating for Hathaway, Gary Leonard said she had a long history of mental illness which was triggered after she was assaulted whilst on holiday in 1997.

Up until then she had a promising future having qualified as a nurse but following the attack she suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and as a result began drinking, said Mr Leonard.

It was due to her drinking that her offending began.

Mr Leonard urged magistrates to take the exceptional step of not jailing Hathaway, of Burgess Road, Southampton, who was otherwise making good progress in dealing with her alcohol problems, according to the latest probation reports.

Custody would result in her losing her accommodation and putting her back to “square one” with her treatment.

Magistrates agreed and extended her community order for a year, imposed a six week curfew and ordered she paid a £60 victim surcharge.