THEY are the worst places for antisocial behaviour in the city and today the Daily Echo can reveal where they are.

Yobs throwing stones at cars, drunks shouting abuse in the street and revellers making noise late into the night are common.

People living across the city are forced to endure a living nightmare in their own neighbourhood by those determined to make life hell for others.

Now the top hotspots in the city have been exposed as police join council chiefs and other organisations to crack down on anti-social behaviour.

Many of the roads are where revellers drink to excess on binge-fuelled nights such as the areas around London Road and Above Bar.

Daily Echo:

London Road in Southampton.

In the city centre businesses are losing law-abiding customers because of the nuisance behaviour.

However some places are popular for the homeless or those intoxicated from drink and drugs.

In some cases, such as International Way in Weston youths in the area or people passing through neighbourhoods on their way home are causing a nuisance.

Southampton’s Chief Inspector Debbie Masson vowed the force would continue to ensure residents feel safer in their city.

Compiled with data recorded by Hampshire police, a report for Southampton City Council shows that the number of incidents for the last year stands at 1,036.

While this is a drop by more than 30 per cent compared to the previous year, the report found that two-thirds of Southampton residents still felt unsafe in the city at night.

During the last year the highest number of incidents involving other organisations such as housing agencies took place during the summer with Bitterne, Townhill, Thornhill and Weston seeing the most cases.

The report, known as the Draft Summary of the Crime and Disorder Strategic Assessment 2013/14, said that many people felt anti-social behaviour was on the increase, despite the drop in incidents.

It added that most people feel safe in their neighbourhood during the day but that this changes significantly once darkness falls.

Caronwen Henderson is a Southampton City Council officer tasked with the Safe City and Youth Justice Strategies department who authored the report.

She said: “Two thirds of young people felt safe in Southampton. Those that felt unsafe stated fear of bullying, attacks, drunk people on the street made them feel unsafe.”

Daily Echo:

In Millbrook, police have put signs up on lamp posts saying that groups of people in the Maybush area will be dispersed.

One resident, Laura Greaves, said that although she and her husband had only recently moved nearby she had heard plenty of stories about the suburb.

She said: “I’d never have moved here if there wasn’t a new development to move into.

“I don’t think enough is being done. There should be things like police patrols.”

One man labelled the suburb a “war zone” while in other parts of Southampton Laura’s thoughts about policing were echoed.

In London Road, the manager of Subway has brought in security on the door at weekends and male-only staff working behind the counter because female staff had been on the receiving end of abuse from male customers.